Who are we?

Phoenix Computing India is a is run by a group of engineers driven by commitment to satisfy clients who have trusted the company and given important assignments and placed the onus on the company. Phoenix Computing (India) draws on extensive reservoirs of experience, a continuous dialogue with clients and a commitment to leading edge technologies.

Our vision

Synergy between Information Technology and Business


Our goal

Is to achieve highest quality in our Service


Our Principles

Agility, Innovation , Trust and Integrity, Simplicity



Honesty and Trust are the two mutually exclusive words


Our Products

Marts, Book Distributors& Retail,Medicine, Hotel& Restaurent& Bars, IT Product Retailer


Why Phoenix Computing (India)?

Why should you choose Phoenix Computing (India) as your Solution Provider? The company considers itself the business partner of its Clients and shares the vision of the Clients. The company offers a unique mix of products and services assisting businesses in development of business strategy, providing products and services, facilitating rapid growth and supporting operations. Phoenix Computing (India) uses object-oriented techniques to develop reusable modules, which in its turn is more comprehensible to the Clients and let them participate in the development process more actively. The Client does not remain in the dark during the software development process. Our focus is to help you not only to shorten your time to market, but also quickly grow your business.

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