Who are we?

Phoenix Computing India is a is run by a group of engineers driven by commitment to satisfy clients who have trusted the company and given important assignments and placed the onus on the company. Phoenix Computing (India) draws on extensive reservoirs of experience, a continuous dialogue with clients and a commitment to leading edge technologies.

Our vision

Synergy between Information Technology and Business - stresses on the belief that software itself is an asset and plays an important role in aggregating company’s wealth. The company focuses on methods that help Clients to maximize their profit with the help of software. Phoenix Computing (India) believes in long standing relationship with Clients and in the process letting them help to maximize the value of their investment.

Phoenix Computing (India) has made a distinct move from services and custom software orientation to product orientation. This creates software for a wider user base and minimizes per unit cost. The company is of the opinion that quality software can be produced only in an atmosphere that promotes innovation. The company encourages a spirit of experiment and exploration by providing the best infrastructure and work environment.

Why Phoenix Computing (India)?

Why should you choose Phoenix Computing (India) as your Solution Provider? The company considers itself the business partner of its Clients and shares the vision of the Clients. The company offers a unique mix of products and services assisting businesses in development of business strategy, providing products and services, facilitating rapid growth and supporting operations. Phoenix Computing (India) uses object-oriented techniques to develop reusable modules , which in its turn is more comprehensible to the Clients and let them participate in the development process more actively. The Client does not remain in the dark during the software development process. Our focus is to help you not only to shorten your time to market, but also quickly grow your business.

Our goal

Is to achieve highest quality in our Service. At Phoenix we live and breathe software every day. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their ambitions. Our range of business software and services is continually evolving as we innovate to answer our customers’ needs. Standing behind that are our Principles for operating the business—Agility, Innovation, Trust and Integrity, and Simplicity—all of which keep us closely connected with our customers and gaining their loyalty.

Our Principles

This strategy has enabled us to develop a portfolio of products and services designed to meet specific needs within our selected industries. We deliver them through four divisions, providing clear focus on supporting the needs and success of the customers they serve: Business Management Division that offers core business management applications such as accounting, enterprise resource management and customer relationship management for small and midsized businesses; Payment Solutions Division, offering merchant services for retailers; and Industry & Specialized Solutions Division, serving the needs of the construction, real estate, and nonprofit industries as well as the employer-related needs of businesses in general.

Our Philosophy

: Honesty and Trust are the two mutually exclusive words, which can produce the maximum synergy when worked together.

Legal form of ownership

Limited Liability Corporation. This is because; we at Phoenix are targeting projects mostly in Government Sectors, which can only be achieved through a Limited Liability corporation.